Thursday, 25 August 2011


I was lucky to be able to get a decent photo of the photo of Jessica I was talking about the other day, with a bit of editing the photo is a really nice copy, and so of course I had to scrap it. I was actually inspired by some wrapping paper I bought in good old Primark at the weekend, it really is beautiful, a soft turquoise/teal colour with white flourishes and bird cages all over it. I thought I might use the paper but it is folied and has too much glare so I used it as a starting point inspiration.

I used light teal tones, soft greys and pastel pink for this layout, I made 4 irregular shaped patches and sewed them on to my layout using a zig zag machine stitch (this shows up so much better IRL). The poem and the title panel were zig zagged too along with the photo and matt. This one might get framed and go on the wall, I like it!


  1. This is beautiful, definitely deserves to go on the wall

  2. Oh wow Emma, that's an absolute stunner!!


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