Monday, 22 August 2011



I've something to share this afternoon, just a quick crafty fix whilst I had an hour or two spare this afternoon.

This is Joe having a scuba diving lesson in Egypt, he really loved it and wants to do it again. I kept this layout simple because frankly it was getting really hot in my craft area lol!!!

Jessica came home from her dads today with a framed A2 sized photo of herself and its absolutely beautiful, her grandad is very into photography and has top of the range everything, he has such a knack of capturing Jessica very posed but completely natural looking at the same time, I can't scan it as its too large but I may take a photo of it to put on my blog and of course I would LOVE to scrap it!


  1. Love the summery colours. Look forward to seeing the pic of Jessica.

  2. Amazing photo and lovely bright summary layout.Love it .karen


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