Thursday, 28 July 2011

Crafting with children

I am in a bit of a funk today, I am so bored and cabin fevery and yet too lethargic to do anything about it! I am mooching from one room to the next, sighing and then moving to the next room to repeat it all over again!

The reason for this is because its my birthday tomorrow and I am going out for birthday drinks and curry tonight with some friends who can't make it tomorrow night, and so I am in full on 'its my birthday' mood and am wondering why there is no body here to celebrate with! The kiddos went off to their dads a couple of hours ago and I am left wishing the hours away until Jason gets home. On my actual birthday we are off to lunch in a lovely pub that we had our anniversary meal in and then on to the local pubs for drinks and to meet up with various friends and I think even my sister may pop her head in! Happy days!!

Yesterday I insisted that the social whirlwind that is my daughter stay in and recharge, she was not happy but that girl was knackered and for Jess with tiredness comes illness and so I MADE her relax! We crafted long and hard and made this cute little mini album documenting Jessica's leaving party!

We have yet to decorate the box - time ran out on us!

Jessica choose what went on each page herself, I just gave her a few pointers.

She told me what to type, and its her journaling in her words!

She is very pleased with this little project, we got a lot done in one day!

I did manage to sit still long enough to make this little card, the colouring in took a while and wasted a good half hour or so!

Right I think Bruno might be in for a very long walk this afto! And I will be back on Monday after my Loooooong weekend - think we are going to Longleat on Sunday so more pics to scrap!

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