Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Build your own Taco

I've had such a busy and productive day (to make up for yesterday when I spent the whole day on the sofa dying from a particularily vicious hangover!). Personal best on the treadmill this morning (still no weight loss and I am now doing muscle and yoga workouts too!), then a big house clean, a load of ironing and then I purged a load of crafty supplies and re-ordered that corner of the kitchen and all this before lunch!

It did mean that I had a lovely clean desk with which to spend the afternoon scrapping! I've made a card with this weeks Little Musings which is seriously NOT to be missed this week - I will show you this on Friday so check back then.

Then I made this lo of Joe, I do feel guilty that I don't scrap him as often as Jess, but he just does not pose and primp and preen for the camera like she does so I just dont get as many good scrappable pics of him! However he has been scrapped today, using new Fancy Pants that I picked up last week.

I'm just not photographing my Layouts very well at the moment, must try harder!

Right I am off for half an hour of wii fit before I start on dinner. Thanks for looking!


  1. Great layout Emma, I know what you mean about the photographing thing, I always struggle but if it's any consolation you seem to do a much better job than I do! xxx

  2. I admire your dedication to working out, I wish I had that motivation.

    Great boy LO of Joe!


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