Monday, 28 May 2012

So the results are in....

I got a call from CBBC on friday afternoon, to say that Jessica had not made the final 5 for the show, they said they loved her and they would like her to be the Standby.  To say Jessica was gutted would be an understatement, she really didn't need bad news and she cried and cried and then didn't really speak or engage for about 24 hrs.  She is slowly feeling better about it, she is just desperately dissapointed.

So as standby we still have to go through the rest of the procedures, which means traveling to London again on Saturday (yes Jubilee weekend, in the capital, it is going to be hellish!)  Jess has to have a Pysch test and so do I.  Hopefully by Saturday Jessica will be able to put her 'game' face on.

Tomorrow it is mine and Jasons 2nd wedding anniversary and the 7th anniversary of our 1st date, we are not doing anything to celebrate as Tuesdays are manic, with Joe's air cadets and so even having a nice meal is a bit difficult!

I just made this little card, suddenly realised I needed to pull my finger out and get on with it!

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  1. Hey Emma,
    Just been having a read back. Sorry things aren't so good for Jessica right now : (
    Hope she's coping ok. She did so well just to get that far with the CBBC. Things happen for a reason. I really believe that. I hope you get the school situation sorted very soon. Poor love xxx


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