Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Sweeping away the tumbleweed

I might have been conspicious by my absence of late, but I have on occassion, got my craft on.  In the last 2 days in particular I have made a few cards, which is well over due as a spate of birthdays in the last 3-4 weeks has really depleted my stock.

This time around i've concentrated on print and cuts and using my printer and cameo for almost all aspects.  The 'have a happy day' card was entirely printed out and cut on the cameo (aside for a bit of embossing on the white square)  the arrow background was a cut file that I turned into a printed background, the yellow is actually a subtle pattern for more depth.  The car, trailer and tree were also cut files I turned into print and cuts.  The sentiment was simply printed out.

This card was a card cut file that I turned into a pnc by filling the shape with a pattern leaving a small white offset and then cut out.  A few fluttering butterflies and a greetings tag completes it.

Vases printed onto card, then a square cut around it to form a base, the branch is printed, cut out and foam dotted for dimesion.  Simple and elegant!

Finally ( god I hate this new blogger layout, I can't do anything, can't type where I want etc) this simple sunburst card, another cutfile pnc and a bit of added glitter on the rays.

I may never post again, if this new blogger has its way.  Although I do have some more to share!

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  1. I've missed your blog posts : (
    Hope you are all well xxx


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