Thursday, 17 May 2012

We're going to London.... buy Heat magazine.

Sorry had that little ditty in my head since 8pm on Tuesday night when we got a call from CBBC to ask Jessica to attend a casting call for the show she applied to be on called " Show me what you're made of"  The casting is actually on Saturday but Jessica has her birthday party (recording a song in a recording studio) then and so I was like errrrrr oh dear!  Jessica was all for cancelling the party but CBBC said they could see her Friday afternoon if that was better and so we went for that!

We are all in a bit of a tizzy about it, she has to have an informal chat with the producers on camera and she has to dance like an animal.

Today one of the producers rang me for the parent interview, grilled for 15 minutes on all things Jessica, eeek it was hard to play it exactly right, they want to take privledged kids on this thing and whilst I want her to go, I will not outright lie and make her out to be a diva spoiled little thing!  I think I got it right.  Jessica has her own little attitude (oh my god and some!) and so I played that up and talked of her love of gadgets and the next 'big' thing, but made her sound fair and compassionate too, which is about right.

And so tomorrow we hit the road for London Town, its very exciting and i'm looking forward to the trip, fingers crossed for her.

Oh and theres a little card I made, thinking of it for my brothers birthday which is coming up!

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  1. Considering to apply for show me what you're made of if there is a series 4 - would you say that you need to be very up for everything (like the crazy dancing!) and what was the casting call like? As in were there other applicants there or was it just a private one to one meeting? Thanks x


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