Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow Days and Crochet

Jessica in the middle of constucting her igloo

Look at it! All the way up to Brunos tummy!

No school today (or tomorrow for that matter) so we were off first thing to the fields to walk the dog. Bruno LOVED the snow even though it was up to his tummy! In fact he kept trying to bury himself in it. Jessica has been out most of the day building an igloo.

Lots of trouble fiding milk in Keynsham today, Jason went all round the town looking for milk but none anywhere, he came home via our local little shop and found a bit there, its a worry though as I have virtually no food in the house and god knows when we will be able to get to the supermarket.
I have spent the rest of the day wrapped up in the warm and have spent my time crocheting this scarf! Its taken from 10.30am til 7pm but its finished and I am rather pleased with it! Its for Jessica, who is always thrilled with things I make for her.


  1. Love that igloo - that's what I always used to make as a child too!!

  2. That scarf is lovely! Looks like you're becoming an expert. Lucky you, no school.... mine insist on opening.... sigh! Road around the school is not gritted at all!

  3. That's looking like a pretty impressive igloo! The scarf is fab too :)

  4. Have foud some nice hats and bits on Also there's a knitting/crochet forum which has tonnes of patterns on


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