Monday, 25 January 2010

Fakin' it and Crochet

So as promised I am back with no moans and some crafty stuff.

First up a LO I just finished (I added the pom pom trim and snowflake) but mainly did yesterday. Yesterday was not restful scrapping. I like to immerse myself in scrapping and not be interupted, but yesterday I had promised to put credit on the kids phone (took longer than it should lol but I think I have it sussed now) and then Joe got upset about his hair, so I had to stop to cut that (for cut read shear) he is happier with it now so it was worth it!

Then in the evening I finished this blanket for the dog. Initially it was supposed to be a large blanket but its just not neat/tidy enough and I haven't done a v good job of sewing it up, so I want to start again. I'd done 15 squares so I just added a row of double crocket to give it a nice trim and now it belongs to Bruno. He is happy enough with it!

Still for someone who didn't have a clue about crochet a month ago its a good enough starting project! Onwards and upwards.


  1. Love your layout and the blanket's really good for a first attempt!

  2. Blooming heck emma thats amazing note to self get that book out and watch dvd .

  3. Lucky Bruno! Are yu going to start another blanket? Lovely colours in your LO, I love pom poms!!

  4. LOVE that LO. And as for the blanket. I only taught myself last week, and if I can crochet half as good as that in another 3 weeks I'll be well happy! x

  5. Wow, that a lovely blanket. I'm still struggling to do the a square! Gorgeous LO!

  6. Great blanket Emma. Does Bruno like it?
    Love that LO. I love blues and pinks together. x


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