Monday, 4 January 2010


So I haven't been able to share much scrappy stuff lately, which means boring no photo blog posts. So have this instead!!!! Crochet.

I bought a crochet mag on NYE, not the 99p one that everyone is getting, they didn't have that, so this one was £7.99 but it did come with 6 different balls of yarn. The mag is next to useless for beginners so I have spent 2 days solid watching tutorials on the internet.

American and English patterns are different a single crochet in American is a double crochet in England and a double Crochet in America is a triple in England so much confusion as you're not always sure whether you are on an American tute or an English one Arggghh. So this was day 3, I managed a Granny square yesterday that was a quite wonky and ugly, and this is the one I have been doing this morning, this took me 2.5 hrs and now I am stuck as I have no idea how to cast off lol.

I'm quite proud of this one, its quite pretty and not too wonky. Jessica wants me to do 3 more and then turn it into a teddy blanket, that might take some time!


  1. Wow! I'm impressed! It looks lovely for a beginner. I use to crochet as a kid but have forgotten a lot. Not sure if I wanna take it up again! LOL!

  2. Yeah - fab square - can't help with the casting off though!! I started a skinny scarf over the holidays - doesn't quite look like the picture, but quite pleased with myself, just have to do the edging now.

    Look forward to seeing what else you do. I bought the Happy Hooker book and so have only learnt the American terms. Want to make some hats and also flower brooches. My little sister has requested a bag!

  3. wow you are on a roll with this. It looks great :o)
    I love crochet and might go out and get the 99p magazine.
    I have just started crocheting some really cute animals and have been blogging them. Its a great book and really quick to complete each project, Its called Super-Cute Crochet

    I look forward to seeing more of your creations


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