Thursday, 14 January 2010

Having a word with myself

I just sat down to craft and realised that a bit of a tidy up was needed, this is nothing new, I have a small space and so I find I have to have a major re-sort about once a month.

Normally I just put paper back into its relevant space etc happily humming to myself. Something was a bit different this time, I actually 'SAW' the paper I was moving about, obscence amounts of paper, gorgeous beautiful stunning bits of paper, paper I had forgotten about or consigned to the 'old paper' part of my brain.

I am actually ashamed of what I saw, I have only been scrapping 'seriously' (as in buying online, getting kits and really going for it) since March 09 - less than one year! and I have a massive collection of paper, it needs to STOP.

I am a productive scrapper, I scrap slow but I did do around 150 layouts last year (since March) and so I do use my stuff. Just not enough for the amount I bought.

It stops - I will keep my Scrapagogo kit as I am the type of personality that needs a little 'treat' on a regular basis. I will buy cardstock and I will buy adhesive, but that is all. DO NOT SHOW ME ANY CHA STUFF i am la la lahing about all that rubbish!

I mean it but I also know what I am like - lets see how long this lasts.


  1. Ha ha Emma, I know that feeling too, I have far too much stuff for my small space too, but you just never know when you will need that ONE special piece of paper! Good luck with the stash diet! xx

  2. I share that sentiment. I've got far too much and this year, I have to make an attempt to use it... seriously! Especially the kits!!!

  3. SNAP Emma - I'm doing the same, well I'll be trying at least - LOL

  4. I hear you, I am exactly the same. I have been scrapping since 2005 but cardmaking for longer and my paper collection is obscene so I too am only getting one small kit a month and the rest is using up what I have! well apart from stamps, stamps are tools right, they don't count.


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