Monday, 28 May 2012

So the results are in....

I got a call from CBBC on friday afternoon, to say that Jessica had not made the final 5 for the show, they said they loved her and they would like her to be the Standby.  To say Jessica was gutted would be an understatement, she really didn't need bad news and she cried and cried and then didn't really speak or engage for about 24 hrs.  She is slowly feeling better about it, she is just desperately dissapointed.

So as standby we still have to go through the rest of the procedures, which means traveling to London again on Saturday (yes Jubilee weekend, in the capital, it is going to be hellish!)  Jess has to have a Pysch test and so do I.  Hopefully by Saturday Jessica will be able to put her 'game' face on.

Tomorrow it is mine and Jasons 2nd wedding anniversary and the 7th anniversary of our 1st date, we are not doing anything to celebrate as Tuesdays are manic, with Joe's air cadets and so even having a nice meal is a bit difficult!

I just made this little card, suddenly realised I needed to pull my finger out and get on with it!

Friday, 25 May 2012

Cards, CBBC and Crappyness

Ugh! I am just about done with this week.  We are trying to get Jessica transferred to the other secondary in our town, she is not happy at Broadlands and even though she doesn't come home crying anymore she hates it, is moody and her whole personality has changed since starting there.  Add this to the news that her one remaining friend (the others have already moved) is now transferring and you have a desperately unhappy little girl.

This week she was bullied in English and got so upset that she ran out of the class, she is now not attending English lessons with the rest of the group.  Its a lot to deal with, I have to pysch myself up every day at 3ish to get the strength to cope with it all, the tears, the moods, seeing my little girl so upset and bewildered.  She had yesterday off school as I felt she needed a break, believe me the teachers are not arguing with me over that one!

Her head of year is new and hes really lovely but the sooner we can get her moved the better, I do not know how she will react if there is no space for her.  I'll battle it and appeal but that will take time and I feel Jessica needs to move ASAP.

No news on CBBC as yet, hopefully they will call soon, hopefully it will be good news she could do with a boost.  My big dread is that its a no from CBBC and a no for a move.  How she will cope with that I do not know, I can't tell you how bad it is at the moment.  By the way the audition went well, they took her off and miked her up, she had to answer lots of questions and dance like an animal in front of the camera, she says that they laughed at her a lot and they did seem to like her.  Fingers crossed!

I suppose at least the weather has been lovely this week, and I have a nice new hair cut so thats the positive to take from the week!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

We're going to London.... buy Heat magazine.

Sorry had that little ditty in my head since 8pm on Tuesday night when we got a call from CBBC to ask Jessica to attend a casting call for the show she applied to be on called " Show me what you're made of"  The casting is actually on Saturday but Jessica has her birthday party (recording a song in a recording studio) then and so I was like errrrrr oh dear!  Jessica was all for cancelling the party but CBBC said they could see her Friday afternoon if that was better and so we went for that!

We are all in a bit of a tizzy about it, she has to have an informal chat with the producers on camera and she has to dance like an animal.

Today one of the producers rang me for the parent interview, grilled for 15 minutes on all things Jessica, eeek it was hard to play it exactly right, they want to take privledged kids on this thing and whilst I want her to go, I will not outright lie and make her out to be a diva spoiled little thing!  I think I got it right.  Jessica has her own little attitude (oh my god and some!) and so I played that up and talked of her love of gadgets and the next 'big' thing, but made her sound fair and compassionate too, which is about right.

And so tomorrow we hit the road for London Town, its very exciting and i'm looking forward to the trip, fingers crossed for her.

Oh and theres a little card I made, thinking of it for my brothers birthday which is coming up!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Sweet as a Strawberry

Hi guys, nice to pop in and see you here!

I have a little card to share with you today, by way of easing me back into crafting as I have had zero desire lately!

Last Wednesday I finally woke up to the news that it was my driving test  - hooray and oh my god all at the same time.

My examiner was very friendly, not chatty, but smiley and with a jolly voice.  I was nervous waiting for my test and was so worried about queueing in traffic and getting clutch leg due to nerves.  I definatley wanted to turn right out of the test centre as I like those routes, of course I was asked to turn left, but during the whole test this eeeire calm descended on me! I had a very stop/start, small residential street kinda route, I didn't get higher than 3rd gear all test.  I luckily didn't get anyone doing anything stupid that I had to deal with, which is a surprise, cos I swear people see the Learner signs and are determined to get passed you/cut in front.  I had a parrallel park, and to my amazement I did it perfectly, probably my best ever.  And then someone zoomed past me at top speed and I hadn't seen them, so I hadn't stopped during reversing, couldn't believe I had failed after such a great manouver!

However I got back to the test centre and was told I had passed!  I just said "oh, really?" Jason says its the most subdued reaction he has ever seen (I like to process things and so often don't react to these sort of things)

I've since been put on Jasons insurance and done a couple of solo drives, took the kids to their dads etc, I am defiantly not doing my best driving right now, I need to settle into it and feel a bit nervy/edgey but I am sure that will pass.  I parked up in Tescos on Sat, I was dreading parking, but it was ok, slightly over the edge but it was quiet there so I just left it at that!!!

Its been great for the waistline this driving test/passing malarkey, hardly felt like eating all week!

I don't think its sunk in yet, still can't believe i'm allowed to get in a car and drive it on my own, feels so surreal to me right now.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Using the Cameo to make masks

A fun thing to do with the Cameo is to make your own masks.  I really wanted a brick background on this layout, so I cut a brick wall file with the cameo and then placed it over my cardstock.

I then dabbed white paint with some scrunched up bubble wrap (its all I had on hand to apply it with!!) onto the stencil/mask.  I'd already used this mask to spray some glimmer mist and so my white paint had a grungy look to it, which was exactly what I wanted!

So there you have it! Another use for the Silhoutte and the possibilities are endless.
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