Thursday, 26 April 2012

Well the dogs chilled at least!

Just a quick post, life is HECTIC right now, I've hardly time to have a cuppa.

Jessica wanted to apply for a CBBC show called "show me what you're made of" where children are taken to Asia to see how things they take for granted are made and to work in the factories and experience their home life.

So she filled in the application form and sent it off late last week. And there I honestly thought it would end. On Monday CBBC rang and asked to speak to Jessica and promptly did a telephone interview. We were told it would be 2-3 weeks until we found out if she gets through to the next round. The next day they called again and asked her to do a video audition.

Part of the video audition is to tour her room. PANIC!! her room is a toxic waste ground. So I ( and Jess) have spent the last 2 days, tidying, chucking stuff out, putting stuff in the loft, scrubbing, organising and painting her room. I have washed the curtains, cleaned the rug. Lots and lots of hard work. Not to mention going into town to buy her new clothes and some new dressings for her room. I am BEAT!!

The dog just sleeps through it all, lucky bugger!

1 comment:

  1. Oh Bruno! How funny!

    Hope the video audition goes well. Do the bbc come and do that, or do you have to take it?


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