Thursday, 19 April 2012

Waxing Lyrical

Ok guys, I went and did it..... what?

I became a Scentsy Consultant!  Heres my website Scented Wax Heaven contact me before placing an order for reduced postage.

You might rememeber about a month ago I made this post all about how I had bought the products and loved them.  I'm spending enough money on them, they are that great that I thought I might as well get the starter kit and have a go!

If you love scented candles or plug in air fresheners, then this is for you!  Gorgeous high quality wax that doens't evaporate (the smell just dissipates over time) no flame, no soot, no mess and over 80 fragrances to chose from, ranging from bakery smells, fruity smells, perfumy smells, clean, crisp, floral, warming  there really is something to suit anyone!!

I've also set up a facebook group, leave your email addy, if you'd like to join, im hoping to do special offers and promotions on it when I am up and running!

Im selling this simply because I love the product, id been searching for an alternative to candles (never enough scent for me) and ive hit the jackpot with this!!


  1. My email addy is - maybe it's time I changed from Partylite.

  2. My email addy is I looked at these when you posted the other week but couldn't decide which scents I liked best lol Tx

  3. Good for you Emma, hope it goes well xx

  4. hi there buy scrap wax @


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