Thursday, 15 December 2011

Making my own embossing folder

Wow its amazing what you can learn when browsing the internet, yesterday I learnt how to make my own embossing folders!

Heres how:

Get an empty embossing folder and then with a die cutter cut out a shape (I went for a quatrefoil background

Stick the negative on one side and the little cutout bits on the other, you need to ensure the cut out bits fit into the negative bit, I did this by sticking the frame bit down on one side and then fitting the little bits into the holes, appy glue to just the cutoutbits, close the folder and voila! the little bits will be stuck to the opposite side.

All the while I was making this, I was skeptical, would it work? Well yes it does, here is the result, and if you turn it round you get the other impression, the frame standing pround and the cutouts depressed!

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