Thursday, 1 December 2011

Being Mary

Hello, Yes I am still alive (just!) I got poorly again and so have not been up and about much this past week. Enough about that though, who wants to keep hearing about someone being poorly!!

Yesterday I managed a layout, it was nice to get cutty and sticky but I did struggle a bit and this simple layout too far longer than it really should!

This is a picture of Jessica being Mary in her Nursery School Nativity Play, when she was just 3 years old - look at those chubby little cheeks. I knew the nursery were putting on a play but I did not realise what until the day of the 'performance' and I had no clue Jessica was Mary, so it was a lovely surprise to see her in the staring role. She was very good and mostly well behaved, but she couldn't resist telling the audience in a quiet bit that "I'm going to my Nannas for Christmas - I am!" Also during a song that involved counting she may have made a rude finger gesture that I managed to get on film!!! And lets not even talk about poor baby Jesus and the way he was manhandled.

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