Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Christmas Prettiness

Yesterday Jason and I did our annual christmas shopping trip, once a year, normally late November but later this year, Jason books a day off and we go and finish off our christmas shopping, its really about an enjoyable trip picking up last minute stocking fillers and having a nice lunch out. The weather outside was frightful, i'm talking freak hailstorms that made it look like there was 2inches of snow on the ground in a matter of seconds - it was amazing!

In one of our shopping centres a cadbury garden and leisure christmas shop had opened and I got some amazing bargains!

From top left: Cute heart fabric banner £2.49 (everthing was half price!), Bauble that I instantly fall in love with £1.75, Whicker white heart £2.49 and Wooden Heart photo frame £2.49

I also bought another 100 lights for the tree as I thought it was lacking lights. I then decided I wanted them on the tree so I had to take everything off and start again, fine if you're a fan of the spartan look, but I like a loaded look and this year I bought a ton more baubles so re-doing was a hell of a job

The tree to prove my point! Its so pretty when its all lit up and I love the over produced fit to bursting look that I achieved this year!

No Christmas shopping trip is complete without an outfit for Bruno. DISCLAIMER it greatly saddens me that I dress my dog up, its naff, I'm not that sort of person but I just cannot STOP doing it! Truthfully he could not care less as this pic shows:

Job for today: Wrap relatives presents, or it would be if those bl**dy children hadn't run off and hidden the cellotape, nothing in this house, NOTHING is where I leave it!

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