Friday, 30 December 2011

Christmas Rundown

Good afternoon blogland, hope you all had very merry Christmases.  We had a lovely time, but doesn't it go past in a flash?  If I'm honest I am glad its done now, a little too much in the way of christmas visiting this year and my smile is aching a bit from it all (not to mention all the small talk required by people who ask you a question but have no interest in the answer - I'm guilty of it too!)  Yes I am glad that I don't have to go through all that fake smiling and chit chat for a while now.

Its not all bah humbug though, we had a lovely christmas eve and day, my brother did us proud with a stunning meal which he did with  very little fuss, no help wanted and he got it to the table bang on time - well done lil bro!  Christmas night we dropped the children at their dads and just chilled in our new jammies and slippers.  Boxing day we hit the sales, and I bought a kindle with some christmas money, then later to the pub for a few festive drinkies.

In the last few days we have vegged at home and I have read and read, its been lovely and restorative, I did not sleep well over christmas and the lead up and the last 3 nights I have slept til 9am each morning, I almost feel human again!

Today I felt the need to cut and stick, the printer was not being co-operative so I almost had a meltdown when it took 1 hr to print off a photo, but here we have it a lovely relaxing hour or two doing what makes me happy!

Tomorrow is NYE and a change from the usual curry and pub, we are going to our friends Matt and Mandy for a meal, I am looking forward to it immensely, I have long hated NYE in pubs and the though of a nice meal and then getting quietly sloshed in comfort makes me smile like this :D

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  1. Sounds like you had a lovely rest - I have been enjoying some hefty lie-ins to and lots of telly watching. Not much scrapping as am visiting family and am missing my scrap room a lot!
    Happy New Years Eve!


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